Druk Path Treks 5Night 6Days

The Druk path trek is a moderately tough 6 day trek starting from Paro to Thimphu or vice versa and is the most popular of all treks. This trek will take you through thick alpine jungles, beautiful pine trees, various rhododendron trees and spectacular lakes. Incredible views of valleys, lakes, green mountains and snow capped mountains are the order of the days throughout the trek. You will also see some of the mighty Himalayan ranges like the Gangkar Phuensum, and mount Jhomolhari, Being on top of the mountain, sunsets and sunrises are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. The trek leads up to altitudes above 4,000m, however walking distances between the camps are not too long. Apart from the lakes, Phadjoding monastery and the view from there is one of the highlights of this trek.

Detailed Itinenary

Day 1. Jele Dzong

Day 2. Jeledzong to Jangchulhakha

Day 3. Jangchulakha to Jimilangtsho

Day 4. Jimilangtsho to Simkota

Day 5. Simkota-Phajoding

Day 6. Phajoding to Thimphu

Day 1: Paro - Jili Dzong (Distance seven km, four to five hours, 1,090m ascent, camp altitude 3,480m). You will start the first day of the trek from the Ta Dzong (National Museum) in Paro. The trek will take you through blue pine and fir forests. Once you reach the ridge below Jili Dzong you descend about 100m to the campsite below Jili Dzong.

Day 2: Jili Dzong - Jangchulakha (Distance 10 km, four to five hours, 310m ascent, 50m descent, camp altitude 3,770m). The trail takes you through thick alpine forest and beautiful dwarf rhododendron tress. You may see yaks and yak herders around your campsite.

Day 3: Jangchulakha - Jimilang Tsho Lake (Distance 11 km, four hours, 230m descent, 330m ascent, camp altitude – 3,870m). The trail follows the ridge and view of the mountains and valleys are beautiful. The campsite is close to the Jimilang Tsho Lake. The lake is known for its giant sized trout and if you wish, you may fish a trout or two for dinner.

Day 4: Jimilang Tsho Lake - Simkotra TshoLake (Distance 11 km, four hours, 820m ascent, 400 m descent, camp altitude 4,110m). The trail takes you through dwarf rhododendron trees and Janetso Lake. You may come across some yak herder’s camps and may take some time to acquaint yourself on the life of the Nomad people. The campsite is close to Simkotra Tsho Lake.

Day 5: Simkotra Tsho - Phajoding (Distance 10 km, three to four hours, 130m ascent, 680m descent, camp altitude 3,750m). The trek begins with a gradual climb. On a clear day, you will have a spectacular view of Mount Gangkar Puensum, the highest mountain in Bhutan (and the highest unclimbed in the world) and other Himalayan peaks. The campsite is above Phadjoding Monastery.

Day 6: Phajodhing - Mothitang (Distance fur to five km, three hours, 1,130 m descent). This is the last day of the trek. Watching the sunrise from Phajoding is a treat in itself. The walk downhill to Thimphu valley , at a leisurely pace, takes about three hours through blue pine and rhododendron.

In the morning your Bhutanese escort from  Bhutan Retreat will bid you farewell at Paro Airport. Good-bye and happy journey back home.

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